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Better the BI, better the ROI

A humble business

Data discovery and data collection

Organizations' first challenge when implementing BI solutions is organizing data and preparing it for analysis. With the right technical stack solution, ByMutual will automate this process and make clean data available across the organization.

Data interpretation and visualization

Data lying around does not help until we find a way to extract insights from data. We develop a data-driven environment where insights from data can answer complicated, urgent business questions. We then visualize the data for you to interpret them better.

Dashboards and intuitive reports

We can help you build intuitive, customizable, and scalable dashboards. These dashboards and reports are user-friendly and synced to live data flowing into your business so you can better catch trends and anomalies.

Power BI Consulting

Why Leverage our Power BI Consultants for your BI & Analytics Needs?

  • Extensive expertise and experience in Data Visualization
  • We revolutionize ease of access for average business users with our approach
  • Our Consultants create tailor made solution, customized to meet your team's needs
  • Ensure that the project is delivered on time
  • End-to-end Power BI administration, development, and support services

Why our enterprise BI solutions are the best?

  • Scalable
  • ROI centric
  • Cleaner data
  • Real-time answers to real-time business questions
  • Team with expertise in multiple tech stacks
  • After execution of service and adoption training

What our BI solutions execution pipeline looks like?

  • Collect information about data challenges
  • Evaluate, summarize, and propose suitable data management solutions
  • Get the project outline and scope of work approved
  • Start the solution development process and optimize for goals
  • Test, deploy, optimize, repeat
  • Training and education to ensure easier adoption

If you have questions, call to our experts!