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Identifying Requirements

Every business has a need for IT teams and custom built software that can help them automate processes. ByMutual’s team of expert project managers can help with identifying bottlenecks in your business process and avenues for automation. We understand the business goal and the hunt for the right resources from our pool of on and off shore talent.


Mapping it down

Now that we’ve got the project requirements down, the next step is to break the project into chunks of tasks that sequentially go on a road map. We constantly push for a faster delivery from the teams and ensure that no corners are cut to manage a faster delivery. In this stage, we plan every little detail of the project and get all the deliverables approved. This includes coming up with a budget that’s suitable for the enterprise as well.

On time delivery

Once we have the scope of the project approved, we get to work with our team of sourced talent pool. These are industry experts with immense experience, and make sure to constantly keep track of the development and liaison it to you. We make sure that there’s no ambiguity in terms of requirement and delivery. After multiple rounds of testing, we’ll deliver and deploy the solution, all within the agreed timeline.


After deployment support

No piece of software is completely free of bugs, especially newly developed ones. So, we keep the teams on stand-by incase there’s a break and we fix it immediately. In case you find new avenues to improve the application or increase its scope while working with it, we’ll help you with that as well. We have a track record of being one of the best after development support providers in the industry.

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