Business Intelligence

When you have a high amount of data and have no real path or vision to envision those data to meaningful insights, business intelligence comes into place. Companies need to predict and focus on the future and allocate budgets with the recurring data of the past.

Business intelligence gives you precise reports that would eventually rule out the task of segregating the data manually. It is an essential tool for decision making, and firms love that.

When you have data in hand and the best tools to utilize it, then it becomes a cakewalk. You are running your business on hard-earned money; this measure will make sure to put enough data on load to get your return of investment within timelines.

Planning Stats

Converting raw data to a meaningful prediction and charting our essential strategies with competitors can be successfully done.

Research & Analysis

At ByMutual, we have refined our delivery process over-time based on the experience we have acquired through project executions.

Benefit of Service

In business environments, we thrive at bringing out new possibilities by using correlation, multiple regression, and SWOT analysis that can empower the end-user to have visibility and make decisions to meet their goals and objectives.


Data Services




Gaining insights from statistical data, running regressions, predictive modeling, and machine learning techniques. We also do social analytics and big data analytics cost-effectively.


Tackling business challenges and obstacles in availing information, we present your data on which to use and why to use it. Cloud migration of data is also done effectively


Presenting the data visually with sizeable samples and predicting the growth accurately, has always been one of our key strengths. This helps in forecasting and collaborating with the right people to get the job done

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