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Data transformation

The path to achieving operational excellence

In a business, given the amount of data generated and
the sheer number of digital solutions there are, there’s always room for improvement.

Information Silos

If every business is sitting on top of heaps of real-time data, why don’t they all have the same insights?

Complexity and chaos

Data today flows in from different sources, in different formats. Is there no way to make insights from them comprehensible for all?

Scaling up in a slow world

Cloud, or on-premise–whatever the choice of storage is, why are businesses still not able to seamlessly scale up data storage?

Fragmented software solutions

Even while using SaaS solutions for data collection, storage, analysis, and reporting, why do businesses spend a lot of time syncing data between them?


Certified consultants that can transform the way you work

ByMutual is a team of consultants that understand that every business is unique, and transformation is not a one size fits all solution. We understand that implementing Power BI, MS Azure and other data solutions in a business takes a lot more than just our experience and expertise. That’s why most of our projects begin with just one question.

Technologies that we work with


A humble business catalyst

Understanding the requirement

Until we’ve mapped out all of the business’s requirements and the data available, there can not be an all-accommodating solution. So understanding the need for Power BI in your business is our first step.

Zeroing in on the right tech stack

We’re equipped with consultants that have a comprehensive understanding of a lot of compelling data analytical tools and cloud-based data transformation tools. Our logical second step is to choose the right data type for your business.

Getting it implemented with no gaffes

We’re precise with what we do. Integration, data migration, automating business processes, creating data pipelines that’ll transform your data–we do it all. We’re one of the best Power BI consultants in the business, and our work will speak for us.

Training as part of the transformation

From dashboarding to using the entire tech stack to achieve operational excellence, our post-deployment training is holistic. This way, your business gets to maximize the cost-cutting and optimization benefits of digital transformation.

Big data, broken down

Azure Data Lake Analytics helps you analyze both structured and unstructured data, and we at ByMutual will help you with the deployment and training for the same. The Azure ecosystem makes data ingestion and data storage easy for you, and taking data-driven decisions has never been this easy.

All ears, all year

ByMutual, as your Power BI consultant and digital transformation partner, will always be part of your journey. So, if there are issues that you feel are slowing your team down, or if there’s an opportunity to upgrade your stack, we’re always one call away.



Industries worked with

In our 8 years of experience as consultants, we’ve worked with businesses operating in various industries and have made them a lot more efficient, profitable, and data-centric.

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